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Mastering how and when to communicate is one of the most important skills one can learn in life.

Our communication skills have direct impact on our success in professional and private life, on our business results and on our relationships with others.

This program on communication skills helps individuals understand their own communication style as well as the style of others, building awareness around how to use these personal differences in a constructive way and how to be an effective communicator.

It focuses on how to approach these differences more positively and to develop a more effective communication style.

The smart communication program covers first impressions, verbal, non-verbal and written communication. It also includes an individual profiling exercise. 



A leader must be able to communicate effectively. Good communication skills ignite the trust in others.

It is often said that communication is the most important skill in our life. When we talk about a leader, effective communication skills become even more important. The higher you go up the corporate ladder, the more you need to motivate and engage others using your communication skills. 


Leaders create a vision and inspire others. They persuade their employees to pursue goals, they improve their performance, they help them achieve.  


Mastering leadership communication is a priority for the success of a leader because a leader can only lead through effective communication.


This program is for leaders who want to make a difference through their communication style.



Effective teamwork has always been an important part of the success for any business.


Whether it is one team in a single location or several teams at multiple locations, teams are responsible for working together to accomplish a common goal and to achieve success. 


The most effective teams have members who have a good self-understanding, as well a good understanding of each other.


By understanding how to communicate with others based on behavioural styles, team members can become more effective and overall team productivity can increase.

In this workshop, we identify the strengths of each team member to be sure everyone uses their strengths in full potential.

We also work on a team map (Team Wheel) together with the participants which allow us to better understand and comment on the team dynamics.



It is such an amazing experience to work in a different culture and in a different country.


Several changes happen in your life at a time: Your work, your team, the business culture you are in. Even the simplest things become different. It is in your hands to turn this new adventure into a great experience.

Doing business in another country also offers its own unique set of challenges. A good adaptation to this new business culture becomes an essential element of your future business success.  

The new environment offers a lot of benefits to those who can understand and read the cultural codes effectively. It is, therefore, very important to develop an awareness and to understand the unwritten rules and codes.

This is the purpose of our one-day «Working & Living in a different country» program. This program equips you with the knowledge, tips and techniques in order to work more efficiently with your new colleagues and to achieve in your new role.

Exclusive content available for France, UK and Turkey.



The world goes global. So do our teams.

If you work in a multinational team, you also work in a multicultural environment where each team member brings in their own cultural heritage, behavior and perspective.


This is not only an enriching opportunity, it is also a great way of developing self awareness. However, it also comes with its own challenges.


Multinational teams may experience cultural conflicts which may turn to be obstacles for effective functioning.

However, in culturally competent teams, every team member is able to decode the behaviours that have a cultural cause. They understand that these are due to cultural differences. This is what we call cultural competency.

Culturally competent teams take the best of each culture and put it in the service of team’s performance. They win together and enjoy the richness coming from the multi-culturality.

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Research says that it takes only 3 seconds to make a first impression. It is too important to leave it to chance.


A strong visual impact and a powerful personal  brand will help you develop professional presence and manage your impact on people better.


Accredited by London Image Institute, one of the world’s most renowned image consulting institutions, this program is designed to help the participants take their personal brand to the next level and to position it in the best way possible.

We help participants understand and build a strong personal brand using their authenticity and natural talents.

We cover the ways of reflecting a strong and consistent professional image, using a holistic perspective that includes appearance, behaviour and communication.

The program includes practical tips and techniques that will help individuals benefit from a positive change immediately.

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Many of us behave within the framework of the existing patterns that shape us since young ages. In many cases, a certain way of behaviour is expected from us.


As a result, only few people behave and communicate the way they really are or how they really feel.

We try to obtain others’ approval by behaving in this expected way, which leads to passive, aggressive or manipulative behaviour. However, living in a way “that is not truly us” has serious costs for our psychological and physical health.

On the other hand, it is perfectly possible to behave as we are, to do what we want to do and act as how we feel, still maintaining positive relationships with people.

Assertive communication is a communication model that helps individuals display their natural behaviour  and build constructive relationships with others. It is also a tool to structure our relationships in professional and private life in the most effective way.

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A corporate change process may start due to various reasons. Some change processes reach their targeted results, while some others end up as critical failures. No doubt there are several factors that influence this end result, one of the most important being the human side of the change.

When the managers who implement the change and the employees who are impacted by it are properly guided, the likelihood of the change process turning into a success story increases tremendously.

This is not a surprise since “managing change” does not only mean “managing the resistance to change” but also managing several other factors such as communicating the reasons of change, creating awareness, clarifying the responsibilities of each and every employee. In other words, in these critical transitions, every manager needs to act as a “Change Partner”.


This training program guides the participants towards a better understanding of change and help them manage the change, understand and communicate to different stakeholders and lead their teams in the most effective way possible.

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What if we tell you that you can “learn” to be charismatic?

There are some people who have a certain “je ne sais quoi”: People who make the heads turn, that we feel the presence immediately. We find these people very “charismatic”.


Many believe that the charisma is an innate quality. However, charisma can be learned and developed.

Being charismatic can open you several doors in life, especially when you lead teams, conduct a meeting, or in your day to day relationships with others. You can be more effective and more inspiring when you radiate charisma.

Charisma has some components. When you use these components well, it is possible to display a powerful presence and make a strong impact on others.

This program covers the fundamentals of charismatic behaviour, it opens the secret doors of charisma and offers you practical tips for discovering your charismatic self.



What is your natural reaction to stress and conflict?

Workplace stress and conflict are usually defined by harmful emotional or physical effects caused by the mismatch between the requirements of the job and the skills, resources or needs of the employee.

Workplace challenges are important as they generally help us be more productive and energise us physically and psychologically.

Learning new things, becoming an expert in what we do are often motivational factors.

Even if you love your job, you can still feel stress and face conflict.

However, unresolved conflicts or continuous stress decrease your performance and make negative effects on your physical and emotional well-being.

Your ability to cope with stress is the fine line between the success and the failure.

An effective stress and conflict management gives you the tools to focus on what is under your control and develop a strategic perspective towards the conflict.

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Leadership is a journey. It is also a posture.

The role of leaders is critical for every company. Today's turbulent business environment require even stronger leadership skills to bring success to the workplace. 

This is a fully customized leadership program designed for leaders at all levels. 

No matter where they are in your leadership journey, this program helps corporate leaders hone their leadership skills in business and people management and help them to build new skills and competencies required by the modern business environment.

Designed as a highly interactive program, our Leadership Capacity Building module is a good mix of theory, practice and interactivity. 

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